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New Homes in Upland From the $500,000’s。Enjoy an abundance of amenities, places to play and relax, and easy access to Los Angeles and San Bernardino jobs, mountain and desert resorts, shopping and year-round recreation. In this beautiful community, a rich life and exciting lifestyle start right outside your front door. This New Upland Master-Planned Community will provide sought-after new Upland single-family homes in a brand new, highly walkable master-planned community. And what a master plan it is! The Community will feature an upscale shopping centre with everything you need for every day. A friendly full-service pharmacy (CVS). Casual spots to grab a cup of coffee (Starbucks), a quick bite or a leisurely meal. A brand new Whole Foods market for groceries and gourmet goodies. An amenity centre with fitness centre, lap pool and clubhouse. Plenty of sidewalks to connect you to all of it. Join Our VIP Interest List. A New Neighborhood plans call for 145 single-family Upland new homes for sale in two collections ranging from approximately 1,621 to 2,361 square feet, with the popular included features, design elements, flexibility and quality construction. Within your neighborhood we’ve planned a pool, playground and pavilion–the perfect place to make new friends and enjoy the good life. Top-Notch Public Schools If you have school-aged kids you’ll be glad to know they’ll attend great Inland Empire schools. The Upland Unified School District is among the highest ranked districts San Bernardino County.

这座在Upland 的新社区,只要$50多万起,您每天都会在像在探索有丰富生活方式的新生活。在这里您会享受丰富的便利设施、玩耍和放松的地方,以及轻松进入洛杉矶和圣伯纳迪诺的工作、山区和沙漠度假村、购物和全年娱乐。在这个美丽的社区,您一出门丰就开始了丰富的生活和令人兴奋的生活方式。这个新的社区总体规划社区将提供一个全新的、高度适宜步行的总体规划社区,提供备受欢迎的新高地独栋住宅。小区内有健身中心、游泳池和俱乐部会所的设施,有很多的散步小径。社区附近有购物中心,每天都轻松买到你需要的东西。步行到亲切服务的CVS或是步行到星巴克休闲的拿一杯咖啡,享用快餐或各式餐厅让您享受悠闲时光,全新的Whole Foods 超市等都在这同一个购物中心。加入我们的VIP兴趣列表。新的社区有145独栋待售新屋,包括与流行特点,设计元素,灵活性和质量的建设,从大约1621到2361平方英尺,一流的公立学校,如果你有学龄儿童,你会很高兴他们会进入这些很棒的联合学区学校。高地联合学区是圣伯纳迪诺县中排名最高的地区之一。

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